MHI: IMDb Detective (Episode 1)


This looks like a job for… me. (We’ve got a Minkus sighting)

I like to call it “The IMDb train”.  We’ve all been there.  It starts out as an innocent question from your co-worker or significant other.  “What’s the name of the crazy guy from ‘Green Mile'”?  Someone with vast knowledge like myself would gleefully shout “Sam Rockwell, duh!”  But let’s pretend that person doesn’t know the answer to that question.  The next step is, someone around you pulls out their cell phone, brings up IMDb (Internet Movie Database for those living under a rock for the past 10 years), and looks up the answer.  What happens next is textbook.  “Did you know Sam Rockwell starred in an epiode of Pete & Pete!?” “Oh, I freakin’ love Pete & Pete”  This inveitably makes you click on Danny Tamberelli’s (Little Pete) IMDb page.  Next stop, The Mighty Ducks.  Emilio Estevez.  Young Guns.  Lou Diamond Phillips.  One hour later, it all culminates with Bobcat Goldthwait.  You’ve wasted an hour of time, and you’re now staring face-to-face with Bobcat Goldthwait… Again.  Let me tell you, friends.  It always ends with Bobcat Goldthwait.  And there you have it; you just took a ride on the IMDb train.

Bobcat Goldthwait.

Bobcat Goldthwait.

9 times out of 10, the IMDb train will leave you with a head full of useless movie trivia, that may come in handy at your next cocktail hour or family game night.  “Yeah, Anthony Michael Hall was the jock in Edward Scissorhands.”  Big whoop.  Every now and then, however, you will unlock pieces of information via IMDb that will rip apart the very foundations of your hippocampus and in layman’s terms, ‘rock your damn socks off’.  I am going to share one of these stories in my first ever edition of “Matt.Has.Ideas: IMDb Detective”.

I was driving back from North Carolina this past Thanksgiving weekend.  Naturally, my wife and I were listening to “Prince Ali” from the movie Aladdin.  The IMDb train had previously informed us that Aladdin is voiced by the same actor that played “Steve” on the classic 90s sitcom, “Full House”.  His name is Scott Weinger.  Now, one of my favorite underlooked Disney movies of the 90s is “A Goofy Movie”.  I always thought that the voice actor who played the character of Max Goof in this film sounded just like Aladdin.  I assumed that both characters were both voiced by Weinger.  Turns out I was wrong.  This took me on a journey, unlocking invaluable information for me that I am about to bestow on you, my dear readers…

One jump ahead of the bread line.  He's stealing crap out of the Tanner's fridge in this shot.

One jump ahead of the bread line. He’s stealing crap out of the Tanner’s fridge in this shot.

A quick IMDb search from my resourceful wife, Katherine, led us to Jason Marsden, the voice of Max Goof in “A Goofy Movie.”  You may recognize Jason from his ongoing role as Rich, JT’s best friend in the later seasons of 90s sitcom, “Step by Step”  He is also Thackery Binx in “Hocus Pocus”.  Just the voice of the cat though, not the human version of Binx (for those familiar with “Hocus Pocus”)  Marsden, Marsden…  That name sounds too familiar.  Ah, yes!  James Marsden.  I knew him as Cyclops from the X-Men movies.  Katherine knew him as Prince Edward from “Enchanted” and “The boyfriend who totally gets the shaft in ‘The Notebook'”  (She likes Disney movies.  I like comics… and also Disney Movies)  Anyway, we both assumed that James and Jason Marsden must be related, maybe even brothers.

I would not suggest going rogue in matters like this, readers… I would suggest leaving the detective work to professionals like myself.  However, if you are going to do some real IMDb digging, the most important resource you can access is the “Did You Know?” section.  Particularly the tab that provides trivia on the actor.  This is what we found: “[Jason Marsden] is commonly confused as being brother of actor James Marsden.  Although the two are not related, they are actually good friends, and their respective wives have been friends since they were six years old.”  Wait, WHAT!?  Let me repeat that.  Not brothers.  Not related.  James Marden is an Oklahoma native.  Jason a Rhode Islander.  Not blood-related in any way.  But the two women they each married have been best friends since they were 6 years old!  BA-BLAM!  Hold on, y’all.  It gets better.

James Marsden (left), Jason Marsden (right)

James Marsden (left), Jason Marsden (right)

Another excerpt from Jason Marsden’s IMDb page:  “Best man at his wedding was best friend and former “Boy Meets World” (1993) star Will Friedle.”  Oh.  God.  Damn.  You mean that Cory’s older brother Eric from BMW was Max Freakin’ Goof‘s best man at his wedding?  And at this same wedding, he married James Marsden’s wife’s best friend?  (As a fun aside, Danica McKellar, AKA Winnie Cooper from “The Wonder Years” attended this wedding)


Let’s quickly jump back to James Marsden, the arguably more sucessful (again, not related) Marsden.  Trivia, courtesy of IMDb:  “In 1991, while vacationing with his family in Hawaii, he met actor Kirk Cameron and his actress sister Candace Cameron Bure; the Camerons invited Marsden to visit in L.A. and thus began his career.”  Thats a nice story, but any child of the 90s knows Candance Cameron as DJ Tanner from “Full House”.  And who was DJ’s boyfriend on that show?  You’re damn right, short stack.  STEVE!  Bringing us full circle to actor Scott Weinger.  (Aladdin)  And for another Disney-related metaphor, that is what I like to call the “Circle of Life”.

rafiki holding steve

If you we’re born in the 80s, have fun looking for new brains. I’m assuming this blows your mind.

Bonus:  I have been told by many people that I have a resemblance to a few famous people.  One of those people happens to be Steve from “Full House”.  I don’t think anyone has ever said the sentence, “You look just like Scott Weinger” because that would most likely make me go “Who the fuck is Scott Weinger?”  To squash this rumor, I am not Steve from “Full House”.

No case too small.  No actor too obscure.  Just another day in the life of an IMDb detective.  Please sound off in the comments section, and let me know if there is anyone out there in Tinseltown whom you’d like to know some more about.  Keep it clean, folks.

~ by matt. on December 3, 2012.

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